Plagiarism Finder

Plagiarism Finder

Plagiarism Finder

Deep Anti-Copying Checker at Budget Prices

Plagiarism Finder by NBridge offers quick detection of previously published exerts in texts. With the help of this application students can check their work before submission to ensure it will pass plagiarism checkers, and teachers' job of finding copies becomes simpler. Cross-referencing allows lecturers to notice similar passages in assignments of a particular class or group.

Being able to instantly identify unoriginal paragraphs is also a great assistance for researchers, journalists, and blog writers. Unintentional plagiarism may not be forgiven, and properly investigating a chosen topic is the responsibility of the writer.

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Plagiarism Finder


Plagiarism Finder

User reviews about Plagiarism Finder

  • Benish Arshad

    by Benish Arshad

    "yes i can"

    it is a good tool for improving skill of self writting and it is an advance option for people who work on research.   More.

  • Reny H.

    by Reny H.

    "Really nice app. Bravo!"

    Very usable application for plagiarism detection. Cool and simple user interface, accurate results.   More.

  • Nilsen.O

    by Nilsen.O

    "Nice application to search for plagiarism"

    Fast and accurate plagiarism detection. Uses a large number of sources. Very good price.   More.